Tuesday, December 05, 2006

My Birthday!

Today is my birthday, I’m turning 28! What a year it’s been…and here I am still alive and going strong. I’ve had my share of up and downs, lost friends and family and loved ones but then again that’s just life and the show must go on.

My first birthday wishes at exactly 12am came from my two sisters (my babies)…I was so happy and excited, It took me a while to get back to sleep ;-) Only these two angels can manage to bring light into my life with just an sms. I love them to bits and pieces!

28 beautiful years on this earth, I must be the luckiest woman alive. I have a wonderful family, supportive friends and more people that love me more than I can imagine.

The skies lit up
Smiles on faces brightened the room
A beautiful little angel entered this world in tears
But they weren’t tears of fear, just tears of joy
Born to a family of so much love

The little seedling grew into a beautiful rose
Her smile brightened the world
The love she got shone through her eyes
A star had been born
And mother earth knew this and smiled at her

Today she embarks on another journey
A journey to put more smiles on more faces
Today she touches her bright future
Filled with love and joy
Her eyes twinkle with excitement as she looks forward to another year

Namhlanje kudansa izingelosi nabaphansi
Ngoba wena uzelwe
Phambili Mthembu ka Sodiza, Ntsele ka Linda Mkhonto
Ikusasa lakho lisezandleni zakho
Umvelinqangi ukuphile…kusebenzise kahle
Suk’olumnandi Sodiza!


Anonymous said...

this is just beautiful
a woman in touch with what makes her who she is and not only acknowledging taht, but being thankful for it too....nicely done mpumi....chcstraw

Anonymous said...

I have read your whole blog. You sound like a woman I'd like to be friends with. Your open-mindedness is refreshing. Fresh

Anonymous said...

Amiable brief and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you for your information.

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