Tuesday, December 05, 2006

My Birthday!

Today is my birthday, I’m turning 28! What a year it’s been…and here I am still alive and going strong. I’ve had my share of up and downs, lost friends and family and loved ones but then again that’s just life and the show must go on.

My first birthday wishes at exactly 12am came from my two sisters (my babies)…I was so happy and excited, It took me a while to get back to sleep ;-) Only these two angels can manage to bring light into my life with just an sms. I love them to bits and pieces!

28 beautiful years on this earth, I must be the luckiest woman alive. I have a wonderful family, supportive friends and more people that love me more than I can imagine.

The skies lit up
Smiles on faces brightened the room
A beautiful little angel entered this world in tears
But they weren’t tears of fear, just tears of joy
Born to a family of so much love

The little seedling grew into a beautiful rose
Her smile brightened the world
The love she got shone through her eyes
A star had been born
And mother earth knew this and smiled at her

Today she embarks on another journey
A journey to put more smiles on more faces
Today she touches her bright future
Filled with love and joy
Her eyes twinkle with excitement as she looks forward to another year

Namhlanje kudansa izingelosi nabaphansi
Ngoba wena uzelwe
Phambili Mthembu ka Sodiza, Ntsele ka Linda Mkhonto
Ikusasa lakho lisezandleni zakho
Umvelinqangi ukuphile…kusebenzise kahle
Suk’olumnandi Sodiza!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Chapter 5: Making new friends

After my break up, I spent a lot of time visiting my friend Ndu in Newcastle. We had a great time together, he was a brother to me who knew of my sexual orientation, my ups and downs with women and was very accepting and supportive. I could talk to him about everything, even the nitty-gritty details of my sex life.

When we met at technikon we were just friends and had gone through a lot together, we’d even cried together over women and would laugh at each other the next morning, ours was a friendship that was destined to last. Over the years we grew closer and our friendship took a different turn…he was more of a brother to me than just a friend.

When he moved to Newcastle, he met a young woman who was staying with her long time partner and he felt that we would get along if we met. So one weekend I decided to go down and visit him. He introduced me to this lesbian couple who had been together for years. Beautiful women, young, successful and fun to be around. We got on like a house on fire and were determined to continue this new found friendship.

Cat and Q were the friendliest, open people I’d ever met; Q has a strong personality and you could tell she preferred more orderly things and had strong leadership qualities but knew when to play, and on the other hand Cat was exactly that…like a cat…she was more playful, cuddly, naughty, loved to laugh, talkative and together they made a mean couple.

I looked at them and knew that I would have a relationship like that one day.

Around this time I had started working part-time for a gay media organisation. It is here that I began to meet a lot of influential people like Zan, she is a loud Zulu woman who speaks her mind and knows exactly what she wants and how to get it. I liked that about her because as much as I believed that I knew what I wanted; I wasn’t as aggressive and truly didn’t know how to get it. Zan is a highly acclaimed photographer and an activist.

She told me about a group of women who wanted to start an organisation for black lesbian women, and that they were meeting once every month. It sounded like something I would be interested in as I was really proactive about such things. That’s how I got into this whole activism business. I felt that as a lesbian woman, I had to stand up and fight for myself instead of hiding away and letting other people fight my battles for me. Each time there was an insult hurled at homosexuals, I knew that even if I would stay in the closet forever; that insult is meant for me too. The more I got involved the more I realised that it was time for me to start thinking about coming out to my parents as this kind of work requires someone who is out there talking the talk and walking the walk.

While working for the media organisation, I met a whole community of gay and lesbian people; I had never met so many homosexuals in my life or even contemplated the existence of so many of them. They were the people you see everyday; Doctors, lawyers, business people, your next door neighbour and so forth. Most didn’t even conform to the stereotypes that people have of gay people; that a gay men would be dressed in tight clothing and swayed their hips from left to right like some ramp models and that lesbians are these scary women that dress in men’s clothing (though all of this is still part of the spectrum).

Each day I learnt something new from the people I met and realised that this is a worthy cause to fight for and even die for if it comes to that.

The Gay and Lesbian movement in South Africa is not as aggressive as I’d want it to be, I think we let people say and do as they please as far as we’re concerned. Politicians, Christians and other homophobic groups say things to us that we just take in and do nothing about.

Whenever I read about the anti-apartheid movement and see documentaries done, the passion that’s involved is so intense. When African students took to the streets of Soweto in 1976, you could see that their voices were in unison and that they knew what they were fighting for. A lot of them died on that day but the fruits of their death are visible today; young people today can do so much that they couldn’t in those days.

That’s the passion I wish for when it comes to the Gay and Lesbian Movement. Right now we’re pulling in different directions and some are concerned with their own issues and don’t feel that they have to be part of this movement. Unlike in the apartheid era, most LGBTI people sit back and let others speak for them. People like Bev Ditsie and Simon Nkoli started the movement for us and we have to continue with it and not lose focus on what we’re fighting for.

My first PRIDE march was when I came back from technikon. I was so excited and looking forward to marching for a cause for the first time in my life. I hadn’t even come out formally to my parents but I told myself that if I had to be seen on television, I’d have to deal with it then but I was going regardless of the consequences. What a colourful experience it was, I remember I was so excited and felt like a 2 year old eating candy for the very first time.

My life was taking a turn, I was growing into an adult, my whole outlook on life and my priorities had changed.

Chapter 4: Back in JHB

Here I was back home, jobless, still missing my ex-girlfriend from Durban but because I had told myself I needed to go on with my life, one Sunday morning I decided to go to a gay church and there she was this beautiful mature woman, singing in the church choir. Needless to say I went to church every Sunday after that. I was told she had a partner already so I tried to back off but the urge was too strong and I eventually made a move and she responded. We hooked up and started getting to know each other, then one thing led to another.

She would visit my house as I was still staying with my parents. We enjoyed each other’s company and had great sex but there was one problem, she was still staying with her partner at the time. For four years I had lived on my own in Durban, could do anything I wanted to do in my own time and pace, now here I was at home and couldn’t even have privacy with my woman. I was getting a bit frustrated with the arrangements and the fact that I wasn’t getting a job either was starting to get to me.

We went on dating on the DL (Down low), the thought of being caught was invigorating. She eventually broke it off with her partner who wasn’t impressed with me at all. We were so in love and enjoyed each other’s company a whole lot but our relationship had signs of doom from the beginning. We never saw eyes to eye and argued almost all the time, whenever we had a fight she would say I didn’t love her. She loved her friends and going out that she pushed everything else to the side, including herself. I spoke to her many times about how I felt and how she needed to change in order for her life to improve. Now I’ll admit, I’m a pushover when it comes to women and at that time I was afraid of being alone if we broke up and so I tried to keep the peace within the relationship, even though it was clear we were not meant to be together.

There was one incident that made things clear for me. I was starting to get into the whole JHB lesbian scene, enjoying myself and meeting new people all the time. During that time I met a very interesting woman, Kay. She was fun, intelligent, extremely sexy and I liked her. Even though I was attracted to her, I refrained from acting on the feelings. Then one afternoon we decided to go and have coffee after work, she needed to talk as she had a fight with her boss. We met and had a great time but someone who knew us called my partner and told her I was out with someone else.

We got into a big fight about it and even broke up for a couple of days, when we eventually talked about the incident, she explained to me that she would take me back only if I never speak to my newfound friend ever again…that’s when I realised how controlling she was and how I could never survive in the relationship but because I wasn’t ready to lose her, I agreed but of course I continued talking to my friend (we’re still good friends even today).

It was downhill from then on as we continued to fight all the time. We’d make up on one thing and something else would come up, this wasn’t what I wanted in a relationship and clearly we both hated that. I had to look deep down within myself as to what I wanted, and each time I decided this wasn’t it; the fear of starting another relationship would consume me and I would apologise to her for whatever it was that we were fighting over, and then the circle would start all over again; we fight…we make up…this was the story of our life.

One day I think we both had had enough of the fighting, the love I had for her started dwindling away and I knew there was nothing left for us to make up. I think she also felt the same way and after a year we decided to let go. Even though I had gone through losing a lover before, it still hurt really bad but life goes on. There comes a time when you get over someone, no matter how much you loved them, you learn to move on without them and the pain of losing them becomes a part of you, something you can live with.

By this time I had really given up on falling in love and being together forever. I told myself that I’d just go with the flow, if I met a girl I liked then I’d just take it slow and see where it takes me.

I was still in contact with my ex-girl from Durban. I told her of what had happened and we both decided to meet in Newcastle, halfway between JHB and Durban to visit a school friend of ours. We spent the whole weekend in wonderland, talking and just holding each other. We spoke about things we had planned to do when we were still together and laughed about things we had done during those years. It was then that I realised that more than anything we were very good friends. It was refreshing and I was convinced I would never meet anyone else that I would love as much as I loved her.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Chapter 3: Religion and my sexuality

I grew up in a catholic church, went to a catholic Primary School and never missed Sunday Mass. I used to spend my spare time reading the bible at times because I found it very intriguing. Here is a book that most people claim to live by and those that don’t, are basically doomed to hell. The bible is no.1 when it comes to instilling fear in people.

Now as a young girl growing up in Soweto and from a highly religious background, I always thought that the bible was about love, respect and acknowledgement of my creator but with life that understanding changed. I learned that the bible to most ‘Christians’ was about discrimination, hatred, control, ignorance and judgement. I read once from the Bible that when the Pharisees brought in a woman who had committed adultery for stoning, Jesus said to them “Let him without sin throw the first stone, [John 8:7]” and yet even up to today we are still throwing stones at each other.

I do not deny that I’m a sinner, not because of my sexuality, but because I’m human and I falls into temptations now and again but then again…don’t we all.

When I first realised that I was different from other girls, I was so confused…and every article I read about homosexuals was saying how evil and wrong it was and how we are all going to burn in hell like the people in Sodom and Gomorrah. Then it was hate crimes against homosexuals that caught my attention because until then, I had thought people would never just hurt you without you provoking them. Now as an adult I realise that all this hate is perpetuated by the same people that claim to spread the word of God, the society is allowed to hurl insults at us; when lesbian women get raped…people are always saying “it’s their fault for pretending to be men”; people’s basic human rights are violated and ‘Christians’ are right there in front, leading the pack.

I am a believer in God and no Pastor, not even a Pope can change that. God is the God of Love and not hatred. Today’s Christians form political parties under the pretences of routing out evil from society. How did politics and God become one thing? Politicians are known to be manipulators and liars while Christians are known to be peacemakers and spreaders of love.

Just recently on TV, a well known South African show aired a programme on ‘violence against black lesbians’ where a group of boys was interviewed. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing as I sat there in my lounge watching these boys. In a country where discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation is prohibited, a country where violence against women is intolerable, men had the guts to appear on TV and say that they would rape lesbian women if they got the chance in order to show then that they’re women and that their ‘pussies’ are meant to bear children. I was shocked out of my mind! And two days later, no one from any political party or religious group had made a comment on the programme but had the programme been about lesbians getting married or adopting children…I assure you that the next day, there would have been a HUGE front page headline with the response from one of these groups.

South African police are always praised on the good job that they do when it comes to solving cases of high profile people but for us that have absolutely nothing, it’s a losing battle. I agree that not all police are corrupt and useless but there are more of those than the good ones. Try and report a rape case in South Africa as a lesbian woman, instead of being helped, you will be bombarded by questions regarding your sexuality and sermons on how wrong it is to be a homosexual.

One thing that I’ve noticed is that whenever I have a conversation with a stranger and the issue of a relationship and my partner comes up, usually the person will assume it’s a man but then when I politely mention that it’s a woman, they immediately feel a bit uncomfortable. Some are braver and don’t mind but then my favourite question will immediately follow: “Such a beautiful woman, what happened, were you hurt by a man?” As if being a lesbian is some sort of a getaway lodge or a stroll in the park. People assume we choose this life because we are just suckers for pain. Why would anyone in their right mind choose to be homosexual, knowing very well that anytime they could get attacked, physically and verbally, that they’ll spend their days looking over their shoulder, have their parents throw them out of the house, be ostracised from the church that they spent their whole childhood in, have people look at you as if you got some disease?

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Chapter 2: Enter Adulthood

That relationship lasted for a year.

It was an experience I will never forget. The beauty of a woman does not necessarily make her a beautiful person inside and sometimes even though she is beautiful inside…that beauty is concealed by a lot of baggage. I learned the hard way, had my heart broken in the process but emerged a stronger woman and even more determined to find my queen.

There I was walking around feeling sorry for myself and feeling like I had wasted a whole year with the ‘angel’ that fell on my lap, luckily for me I had friends to pull me out of this miserable dungeon I had locked myself in. By this stage I had started drinking and smoking and partying like there’s no tomorrow (I’m very lucky I didn’t ruin my life in the process), drowned my sorrows and got over my ex.

I was still not ready to be in another serious relationship but women are just too beautiful, I couldn’t stay away for too long. I met this sweet, gentle but outspoken woman and we agreed to take it slow…but like I said before, women are just too irresistible. In no time were all over each other and couldn’t keep our hands off. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, is that all relationships come with their own challenges. This one went well for a while and we even moved into my flat together and everything was just groovy, then her ex came into the picture…a scary, obsessive boy who just refused to stay away and in the process made my girl’s life hell.

He stalked her, knew her every move and even had a class timetable so he could find her any day. For month our lives were turned upside down…luckily for me, he thought we were friends and never suspected that we were lovers (only God knows what he would have done to me, had he known). The situation got so bad that one day, just before the year-end exams, he caught up with her while she was walking back from campus and kidnapped her. I was out of my mind with worry, thinking of all the things he’d do to her…especially since he was her ex-boyfriend. A couple of her friends and I went to the police station to report her missing but were told that she’s over 18 and if she’s as afraid of him as we say she is…then even if they went over to his place, she could be afraid to say he kidnapped her…our energies, and pleas fell on deaf ears, we were told to come back after 24 hours if she’s still missing.

I lay awake all night not knowing what to do, images of him touching her haunting my mind…I paced up and down, tried to watch TV but nothing could take away the fear I had inside…I cried until I couldn’t cry no more…the pain and fear turned to anger. ANGER at her for not telling me about her crazy ex, ANGER at him for not even realising my existence, ANGER at the whole world for breeding monsters like him and ANGER at God for making him stronger than me physically…I couldn’t fight for my woman and it hurt. Eventually, in the midst of all those emotions, I fell asleep…

The buzzer went off at around 6am; I jumped up still drowsy and went to answer the door…there she was standing there, her eyes swollen from crying and I didn’t know what to say to her…she came inside and sat down. She started telling me the whole story, from when she met the guy to their break-up and his obsessive behaviour. I was still angry with her for not fighting him off when he took her but now realise how scared she was of him. At the time, I couldn’t understand how someone could take you against your will and how you could not scream, shout, fight or do something until I watched her have nightmares, sleepless nights and fear of going to campus because of him…only then did I realise the power he had over her and I wasn’t sure I could handle it.

Her parents didn’t know of her relationships on campus but the threats came to a point where she had to tell her father (a strict Zulu man). His reaction stunned me because he ordered her to leave tertiary and go back home; it was the worst day of my life because after two years of staying together, she had to leave Durban. This was my last year of tertiary and I was due to go back home to JHB.

We continued our long-distance relationship for two more years until we both realised it wasn’t working and that we had to face facts and move on without each other. In the beginning it was hard…I couldn’t imagine life without her (when I get into a relationship, I give it my all). I met another woman in JHB but it was still hard, we kept in touch and gave each other blessings to go ahead with our lives and meet new people then eventually after some time…I managed to see a life without her and moved on fully.

In life we go through so many life-changing events but we tend to pretend that they never existed or that those things never matter in our lives. For me, every person that I have met, whether it is a friend, a boyfriend or a girlfriend, has left a huge mark in my life. It is because of these experiences and people that I am who I am today…directly or indirectly. I have moved on with my life, yes, and have learned from these lessons.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

My life's story

Chapter 1: When I was a young girl

12, 13 or maybe 15…can’t remember clearly how old I was but I do remember that it was around that age. I’ve always been a dreamer and from a young age I started thinking about how I would treat my woman, and what a good lover I’d be when I was older. Whenever we went to the mall with my parents, I’d watch beautiful, young couples walking by and imagine I was the woman’s partner. I couldn’t wait to get to their age.

When I finished High School; life seemed so bright and finally the years I’d been waiting for had arrived…I was off to Durban (about 650km away from Johannesburg). I imagined the blue ocean waters, women prancing around in bikinis and I in the middle. I was far away from home and could do anything and everything I’d always dreamt of. It was heaven!

The first day I arrived in Durban, was a hot summer day; the ocean was just as I had imagined it in my day dreams and even better, there were beautiful women all around me and I couldn’t wait to start living my life as per my dream plans. At night I imagined the fabulous time I was going to have with no parents around, no neighbours to tell my parents what I was getting up to…it was a dream come true for any 17year old.

The days went by…and I still had knots in my stomach from the excitement, tertiary was exhilarating…no teachers following me around to hand-in my homework, no parent telling me to wash the dishes, I was king of the castle. I made friends, failed a couple of class tests (which was just plain depressing), computers were just more difficult here than they were in High School…all that programming I had to do, when I didn’t even understand what the HELL my lecturer was going on about.

I met a guy who was also from Johannesburg (JHB) and went to the same school I went to…immediately we clicked…went around together on Campus and had a great time. There was something though about this guy that just made me love him…he was almost like me…in an uncanny kind of way. Whenever we went around Campus, he would look at guys in ways I’d never seen a guy look at other guys before…see, I hadn’t told him about my dreams and fantasies about women either, we had more comparable behaviours than I had imagined to have with anyone.

One day I decided to tell him about my dreams, interests and fantasies about women, and the intense attractions I had for them but was not sure whether I wanted to label myself as a homosexual or bisexual since I’d never had any relations with a woman before. He then told me about his attractions towards men but also had the same problem as me, as he still had a girlfriend back home. Needless to say that we became even more close and went on the road to ‘discovering our sexuality’ together…those were good times. We also had our first hate crime experience together, where we were attacked by taxi drivers at the taxi rank, while we were walking one of our extremely flamboyant friends to his taxis. An eye opening incident, that brought me back to reality regarding my sexuality and its acceptance.

My first (serious) kiss with a woman

There I was two years later, still in Durban and loving my life. Round about this time, I had met a whole group of gay and lesbian people from all over South Africa and had shaken off the thought that I was the only moffie (gay person) in the whole world…which freaked me out when I was younger because I thought I was really ‘abnormal’ and that the things I had read about gay people being ‘evil’ were true.

I was at a gay club with a group of friends…we went outside to take a break after a serious session on the dance floor. And like an angel from the sky, this beautiful woman walked up to us and asked for a cigarette lighter, I was dumbfounded and couldn’t say a word (I was just a 19 year old that had never approached a woman my whole life…give me a break), my friend jumped up and gave her a lighter…I was still seating there looking like a total schmuck, with my bottom lip almost touching the ground and my heart racing like a Lamborghini on the race track.

She just stood there and smiled at me, like my heart was just seating there in the open for all to see. Eventually after what seemed like forever…I said “hi”, and the rest is history. Our first kiss…I swear I heard the angels sing and god saying “that’s my girl”…my heart skipped a beat, my knees went wobbly and my whole body went limp…it was perfect and I would never change that moment for anything, even though at the back of my mind I kept asking myself “Am I doing it right? It feels right…but does it feel right to her?”

Ohhh the beauties of being young and the growing pains we go through everyday of our lives.

To be continued…

Thursday, April 20, 2006


This is one of my favourite songs lately...it's powerful and to the point.

by Me'Shell NdegeOcello

Yeah God shinin' the light
He just turned on the spotlight
Yo, check it
The devil
Put you on display
I say
I used to believe
I read
Seen on TV
I was way down for the revolution
Until I found out
It was contingent on some
Corporate sponsorship
And if
Jesus was alive today
He'd be incarcerated
With the rest of the brothers
While uh
The devil would have a great apartment
On the upper east side
Be a guest V.J.
On total request live
God, fear and money
Make the world go 'round and 'round
God, fear and money
I say god, fear and money
Make the world go 'round and 'round
God, fear and money
Yes you do, lord
I say Mary don't you weep
Mary don't you moan
Lord have mercy
Come carry me home
And my
Who up in heaven
Hallowed be thy name
And if you truly are the shepherd
Why do they want to destroy
Slaughter all in your name
Tell me
God, fear and money
Make the world go 'round and 'round
God, fear and money
Yes you do
God, fear and money
Make the world go 'round and 'round
God, fear and money
God, fear and money
Make the world go 'round and 'round
God, fear and money
Walk the walk
If you gonna talk that talk
God, fear and money
The devil's work is never done
The devil's work is never done
The devil's work is never done
The devil's work is never done
The devil's work is never done
Free yourself from the chains
The devil's work is never done
God, fear and money

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The End…

Association with you brings…
Exasperation…in my heart…
Dejection sits…still you…
Persist but only make me…
Despise you more for not understanding
Cracks of my broken heart leads to the
Termination of our connection as I confirm the end
Reality is I’m...
Sad without you

© Sky 10/4/2006

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A girl's best friend

It’s very rare as a girl to find one guy that you really get along with and knowing that he won’t turn on you one day and tell you he’s had a crush on you ever since you became friends. That may sound sweet in the movies but not with me, I hate it when a guy knows my sexual preference then spring something like that on me…don’t get me wrong, being liked is flattering but a NO is a NO.

So I feel very lucky to have a friend/brother like Sabelo, he’s sweet, intelligent, ambitious and very down to earth. I met him over a year ago when he came to our offices to work on starting his organisation; I ended up getting involved in SAYLO (South African Youth Liberating Organisation), any organisation looking at informing our youth on issues affecting them including HIV/Aids, Peer pressure and how to deal with them.

During his time at Behind the Mask, I got to know the young 20 year old and we got along like a house on fire. We talked about anything and everything, even cried together at times.

Beginning of March 2006, he got funding and had to leave to start an office for his organisation in Escourt, KwaZulu-Natal. I was really happy for him but sad that I won’t have someone to crack stupid jokes and talk about women with.

Life is a strange experience, we meet people that make an impact on our lives, whether positive or negative but we learn from them then we move on, only to meet more people to love and cherish and sometime lose them to death.

So maybe some girl’s best friends are diamonds…mine is Sabelo.

© 04/4/2006

April fools day –

I wish the news were just another joke

I woke up exhilarated to see another day
The night before I had prayed to God my soul to keep
And that should I die, I pray for God my life to take

Little did I know that while I was sleeping peacefully
A friend was taking her last breath
Funny how life gives us 9 months to prepare then takes without warning
You will be missed my friend

The only image I have in my head is of your smile
Though I know you suffered in pain
I’m glad I got the chance to know your warm smile
Lala kahle 'Baba ka Gundi '

All you troubles are gone now
We will be left with the pain of losing you
But we will rejoice for you have finally rested
Oneday the hurt of the world will be gone
And your struggles will have given someone else freedom

I love you and will miss you.

R.I.P My dear friend


By Sky

I hide
I hide from the pain exerted on me by my society
Smile like the world is fair
Still life is sweeter with my baby by my side

I hear
I hear men of the cloth tell me how evil I am
I look at my reflection and all I see is unsullied perfection
Perfection made in the likeness of the one they claim to serve

I see
I see them pretending to preach the word of God
I see them twist the truth to promote their hatred
Yet they call me evil

Why won’t you see me for who I am
Why won’t you let me smile
Why won’t you let me be
Why do you want to hurt me when I’ve done nothing to you

I know
I know your day will come
When God shall rid me of this pain and fear
That day is the one thing that keeps me going
The day when I will rest and finally sleep peacefully

© 27/3/2006

Thursday, February 09, 2006

What do women want?

February 9, 2006

I used to think I had all the answers to this question until I dated my first gal. Eish! There’s something about women that I don’t get and it becomes even more confusing because I’m also a womyn. Does it mean I have no idea what I want also? Maybe…

Women are dreamers; we dream of a perfect life, perfect love, more money, beautiful kids and the perfect world. Needless to say that doesn’t exist. A perfect world is the one that you make for yourself, a life in which you are happy with who and what you are regardless of your shape, skin tone and sexual preference. We are always looking for someone to tell us we are beautiful before we can believe it ourselves, for someone to tell us we are worth something before we can walk tall with pride.

There are 2 movies that I’ve watched that attempt to answer this frequently asked question: What Women Want starring Mel Gibson and What a Girl Wants starring Amanda Bynes.

In What Women Want, Mel acquires this temporary gift of being able to hear women’s thoughts and he becomes their friend, agony aunt, a sister they’ve never had type of guy but at the end, I retain the fact that though most thing might be similar, women still have different preferences for everything. Judging from my Xs, I can tell you they all wanted different things. You just need to know the individual to know what makes them tick.

After a long time thinking of this question, I ask myself, “What do I want?” And like most people “I want the dream”. Men want it, women want it, we all want it and that’s probably the one thing people should think about when getting into a relationship whether it be with someone of the same sex or opposite sex. We all want the same thing and getting to it, is by listening to your partner and always make sure you are heard also.

So, are men from Mars and women from Venus? The answer is yes! But they can co-exist and even speak the same language, if only they could concentrate on the goal ahead and not their differences. As a lesbian woman, I know for sure that there are times when I have no idea what my partner wants and yet we’re from the same ‘Venus’.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Speak womyn speak

By Sky

Speak womyn speak
Let your voice be heard
Stop time if you have to
For all mankind to sit and listen

Your voice is thunderous
It possesses power you cannot envision
Speak womyn speak
Let your voice be heard

Break the shell from which you’ve been incarcerated
Let the silence be broken
But you have to stand up and speak
For everyone to feel your power

Break down the walls from which behind you hide
Let your voice be heard
Cry womyn cry
Let them see your tears

For only when they see the redness of your tears
Will they sit and listen
Speak womyn speak
Cry womyn cry

This is your time
Reclaim it!

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