Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Speak womyn speak

By Sky

Speak womyn speak
Let your voice be heard
Stop time if you have to
For all mankind to sit and listen

Your voice is thunderous
It possesses power you cannot envision
Speak womyn speak
Let your voice be heard

Break the shell from which you’ve been incarcerated
Let the silence be broken
But you have to stand up and speak
For everyone to feel your power

Break down the walls from which behind you hide
Let your voice be heard
Cry womyn cry
Let them see your tears

For only when they see the redness of your tears
Will they sit and listen
Speak womyn speak
Cry womyn cry

This is your time
Reclaim it!


1 comment:

MaZungu said...

So we are poetic too...very secretive with all these wonders

Thank you for inviting me to your world, I am here to stay. Will keep your space as a fav. so I can keep checking up on you.

Keep provoking us (Womyn) to stand, scream, talk, sing, say, live, love... because until we do what needs to be done, our breath will continue to die a premature death and so will our hope.


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