Tuesday, April 04, 2006

April fools day –

I wish the news were just another joke

I woke up exhilarated to see another day
The night before I had prayed to God my soul to keep
And that should I die, I pray for God my life to take

Little did I know that while I was sleeping peacefully
A friend was taking her last breath
Funny how life gives us 9 months to prepare then takes without warning
You will be missed my friend

The only image I have in my head is of your smile
Though I know you suffered in pain
I’m glad I got the chance to know your warm smile
Lala kahle 'Baba ka Gundi '

All you troubles are gone now
We will be left with the pain of losing you
But we will rejoice for you have finally rested
Oneday the hurt of the world will be gone
And your struggles will have given someone else freedom

I love you and will miss you.

R.I.P My dear friend

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