Tuesday, April 04, 2006


By Sky

I hide
I hide from the pain exerted on me by my society
Smile like the world is fair
Still life is sweeter with my baby by my side

I hear
I hear men of the cloth tell me how evil I am
I look at my reflection and all I see is unsullied perfection
Perfection made in the likeness of the one they claim to serve

I see
I see them pretending to preach the word of God
I see them twist the truth to promote their hatred
Yet they call me evil

Why won’t you see me for who I am
Why won’t you let me smile
Why won’t you let me be
Why do you want to hurt me when I’ve done nothing to you

I know
I know your day will come
When God shall rid me of this pain and fear
That day is the one thing that keeps me going
The day when I will rest and finally sleep peacefully

© 27/3/2006

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